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    Politics $30bn Loan: Buhari Replies Emir Sanusi- Get Your Facts Right

    The Presidency has reacted to a recent comment made by the emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II criticizing the Muhammadu Buhari government on seeking a $30bn external loan. According to the emir, if Buhari gets the go ahead for the loan, no foreign nation or financial institution would be...
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    Metro Emir Sanusi Exposes Damning Irregularity in Nigeria's Economic System

    Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, on Saturday condemned the Nigerian financial system which allows the lavish, lackadaisical attitude of some sycophantic Nigerian elites. Here are his words: "When the minister is there, you tell them, “You know, Hon. Minister, Nigeria is very lucky to have...
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    Business Emir Sanusi's Insightful Piece on Why Nigeria is in Recession

    Days ago (24th August) it was reported that Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II criticized the Muhammadu Buhari government, saying it will end like Goodluck Jonathan unless urgent steps are taken to arrest the situation. Well, here's all he said on the said day. It was a paper entitled, “Nigeria...
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    Metro Nigerians Blast Emir Sanusi For Advising Buhari On Palestinian Issue

    The reactions that greeted Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi's advise to president Muhammadu Buhari on a Palestinian issue on Thursday had a general harsh tone. Read more: Emir Sanusi To Buhari: Reverse Jonathan's Decision on Palestine
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    Metro Emir Sanusi To Buhari: Reverse Jonathan's Decision on Palestine

    Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II has urged the Muhammadu Buhari administration to reverse Nigeria's stand on the Palestinian nation. According the Emir, Nigeria should return to its initial stand of free Palestinian state as against the stand the nation took during President Goodluck...
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    Metro Emir Sanusi Condemns Accommodation of Hate Speeches in Kano

    Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has condemned the accommodation of hate speeches by radio stations in Kano state. According to him, such action would lead to disaster for the state in a time where it needs lasting peace. Speaking at a meeting with Chief Executives of the respective FM...
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    Metro We Won’t Allow Northern Leaders Killed in 1966 Coup Discredited – Emir Sanusi

    Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II has said northern leaders will not allow its leaders who were killed during the 1966 coup to be discredited. Speaking during the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Ahmadu Bello, the first and only Premier of the Northern region, he said although Nigerians...