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  1. zacman

    General Health Nigeria: Period Poverty – How Menstruation Makes Nigerian Girls Miss School –

    Health experts and advocates have named "period poverty" as the main reason that young girls routinely stay away from school, especially in developing countries. Period poverty is when a girl cannot afford menstrual products during menstruation, which is approximately four days every four...
  2. zacman

    General Health 6 Period Myths You Should Stop Believing – Teen Vogue

    If you’ve ever talked about your period with someone who doesn’t menstruate, it’s likely you’ve heard a few misconceptions about what happens during that time of the month. Some of those myths are kind of funny (no, sharks aren’t more attracted to people on their periods), but overall, having...
  3. zacman

    General Health 11 Period Myths You’ve Probably Heard, But Definitely Aren’t True –

    About half the people in the world get, have gotten, or will get their period at some point in their lives. But despite how normal menstruation is, it can still be a confusing topic..... Read more via