world health oganisation (who)

  1. Nigeria World News

    World Experts Can’t Agree If the Wuhan Virus Is a Global Crisis – Wired

    A new virus that originated in China has all the marking of a global crisis: It emerged suddenly and can kill people. It’s crossed borders easily, and requires immediate, coordinated efforts between countries to contain it. The details taken together seem enough for the World Health...
  2. Nigeria World News

    World China virus death toll mounts to 25, infections spread – Reuters

    BEIJING (Reuters) – A new coronavirus has killed 25 people in China and infected more than 800, the government said on Friday, as the World Health Organization declared it an emergency but stopped short of declaring the epidemic of international concern. China’s National Health Commission said...
  3. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro WHO commends Nigeria’s preparedness against ebola, others – The Guardian Nigeria News

    The World Health Oganisation (WHO) has commended the efforts made by the Federal Government through the Nigeria Centre of Disease Control (NCDC) to prepare the country for possible Ebola outbreak and other disease epidemics..... Read more via The Guardian Nigeria News –