Metro Apostle Suleman, A Victim Of Stephanie Otobo's Scam - Friends



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Friends of Canada-based Nigerian stripper, Stephanie Otobo who has dragged Apostle Suleman into an alleged messy sex scandal have revealed that the fiery cleric is just one of the latest victims of Otobo's scam.

In a video that surfaced online Sunday, four ladies – who claim to be Otobo's friends – said her revelations are mere deceits and fabrications. They said she has a reputation for being a blackmailer stating that Apostle Suleman is only a victim.

“We are all Stephanie’s friends and we are aware of the lifestyle that Stephanie is living here in Canada. Just to say the truth, Stephanie has never seen Pastor Suleman before, I was aware when he sent Stephanie money twice. The first was for Stephanie to stop stripping and the second one was for her to open up a business,” Yvonne, one of the ladies in the video said.

“Pastor Suleman is only a victim of Stephanie’s scam, Stephanie is fond of blackmailing people for money. The Stephanie I know, if she had seen Pastor Suleman before, she would have taken a picture to show to us her friends that she is seeing Pastor Suleman but there is no evidence that I am aware of.

“Pastor Suleman is just a victim. All this fake life, scamming men and being obsessed with wealthy men is not going to get you that far. It will only tarnish your image and no one would want to be associated with you because all you do is lie and blackmail people.

“Stephanie just needs help and we are willing to help her if she gives us a chance. We would love for everyone to know the truth.”




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Samuel Arua

New Member
They just heard about this scam? Were they not aware of her scam plan for them to have exposed her? They are aware of when he sent her monies for help, she told them and probably told them her mischievous target plans about him. They were waiting to see if suleman can mess with her, if not, were they waiting for Apostle Suleman to die of worries? They never new that he is a strong man of God. I hope those that enjoy mocking good pastor and like seeing them fall are here to read this.