Entertainment Beyonce Warns Jay Z he may Loose Her in New Album


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Beyonce has released her sixth studio album in a surprise move to her fans.

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It's the second so called "visual album" that she has released and features 12 new songs and a corresponding short film.

She released it as part of one-hour special on the American TV network HBO.

Beyonce described it as "a conceptual project" but most people online are focusing on the fact that Lemonade talks a lot about infidelity.

The singer says it's based on "every woman's journey of self-knowledge and healing".

The film that goes with it opens with Beyonce strutting across New Orleans smashing up cars.

In it she is angry about her cheating partner.

On the track Don't Hurt Yourself, which features Jack White from the White Stripes, she sings: "This is your final warning, you know I give you life."

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She then warns that if her husband's infidelity does not end, "you're gonna lose your wife."

The song Drunk In Love was an ode to marital bliss and was sung in duet with Jay-Z. She also features The Weekend, Father John Misty and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.