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Politics Buhari Answers the Question: "Will You Run for President in 2015?" in Interview


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Muhammadu Buhari granted Premium Times journalists an interview in which he spoke about the reason for the creation for APC, the rumored Muslim-Muslim ticket the APC was considering, his near-death experience at the hands of terrorists and the missing Chibok girls.

The seasoned APC politician gave his opinion on how Nigeria came to be in its current state and suggested how he would help rectify it were he appointed president.

When asked if he would run for 2015, he said, "Well I have to say that I am a loyal party member. Yes I have my own rights and so on, but being part of the merger, and the merger is not a political accident. I participated in the presidential elections of 2003, 2007 and 2011 so for me to participate in the merger process is not an accident. I realised that my experience in partisan politics from April 2002 to now is the only way I think of in confronting this amorphous ruling party, the PDP.

I think the way forward for our country is for the opposition parties that have representations in the state legislatures and in the centre to come together and face the PDP. Unless that is done, we cannot stop the bad system. I have said it often that I am a converted democrat since 1991 when the Soviet Union, an empire of the 20th century, collapsed without a shot fired. People panicked, left nuclear sites, missile sites and now there are 18 or 19 republics. That was when I came to the conclusion that the democratic system of government is the best form of governance."

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