Politics Buhari Receives Media Team In London [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

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  1. RemmyAlex

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    President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday, received his media team at the Abuja House, London.

    See video and photos:





  2. Oluogunjobi

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    See Femi... Urinating behind Buhari.
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  3. Samguine

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    Latest update shows Buhari has got back his sense of humor. That is all we need in this country - Leaders with a keen sense humor. How do we continue being the suffering and smiling country? Or the happiest country in the world :D :D
  4. Samguine

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    You know we have DSS on Nigerian Bulletin right? Make dem catch you :)
  5. Oloche Moses Okwori

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    Acting President lives in Nigeria House, Abuja- Missing President lives in Abuja House, London, UK. That's a world record!
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