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World China Unveils World’s Longest-Range Nuclear Weapon That Can Hit Anywhere on Earth



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China has revealed plans for its new intercontinental missile, the world's longest-range weapon, which is capable of hitting London in 16 minutes and New York in 21 minutes.

Professor He Qisong, a defence policy specialist at the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, told the South China Morning Post: "No one questions the longest range of the DF-41 is near 15,000km.

The missile is also believed to have a staggering operational speed of more than 30,000kmh, meaning it could hit anywhere on the planet in a matter of minutes.


Military experts believe the DF-41 is capable of carrying a nuclear payload TEN independently targetable city-levelling nukes.

And Richard Fisher, an expert on Asia-Pacific military affairs, says that a typical Chinese Second Artillery Corps might have 12 missile launchers capable of launching two DF-41’s each.

He said: “A single SAC unit thus has the capability to target the United States with 120-240 nuclear warheads.”

Source: ExpressUK