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Sports Famous ‘Can You Believe It’ Moments in Soccer


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Soccer as a sport has seen its fair share of drama throughout the years. Certain moments have made us all speechless, and amazingly, some people even backed these events to happen in the betting markets. On that note, if you love soccer, and are interested in placing a few wagers on soccer, make sure you check out these BetMGM bonuses.
Of course, betting in soccer is big business, and there are all kinds of sites you can make wagers from these days. But one of the very best is the Golden Nugget Casino, which you may also want to check out. Now - coming back to these famous moments in soccer, we have some that will just take your breath away (and you may even remember them!).

How did this happen?

1. Zidane headbutt
This is one of the most famous moments of World Cup history, and indeed soccer history as a whole. When France made it to the World Cup final in 2006, Zidane was hailed as a bit of a golden boy, but few could see his career coming to a close in such glorious fashion. During the game, Materazzi had reportedly been antagonizing Zidane for quite a while, and Zidane famously snapped. Once he’d finally had enough of the taunts, he decided to headbutt Materazzi in his chest - earning himself a red card, of course.
For one of the most decorated French players ever, this was a moment that will never be forgotten. Needless to say, it took a while for Zidane to regain his honor in France too, especially since France lost the game in the end.

2. Leicester winning the Premier League

While this might not be considered as a ‘moment’ as such, it is still one of the most famous victories we have ever witnessed in soccer. During the 2015/2016 Premier League season, Leicester City started with the bookies at 5000-1 odds. Just to put that in perspective, a $20 bet on this happening would have yielded a six-figure return. This is something that just doesn’t happen in sport - or so we all thought! As the season went on, Leicester City kept winning, and winning, and then winning some more.
We were all waiting for the point at which their run would end, but it never did. Leicester City achieved one of the greatest underdog victories in the history of the sport.

3. David Beckham red card - World Cup

These days, Beckham is regarded as one of the legends of the game. In fact, he is held on a bit of a pedestal in the eyes of many, yet this moment almost destroyed his career before it had even begun. During a heated game between England and Argentina in the 1998 World Cup, Diego Simeone taunted Beckham with a series of challenges, and Beckham made the fateful mistake of retaliating.
In the process, he obtained a straight red and left his reputation in tatters!BetMGM bonuses
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