Metro Father of 5 Demands New Virgin Wife as Divorce Settlement

Mohammed Audu, a 51-year old father of five has asked a Grade 1 Area Court sitting at Aso Pada,Nasarawa, to order his wife, Maryam Audu,a 25-year old, to marry a virgin for him.

Mohammed initially kicked against the divorce, begging the court to give him more time to sort things out with his wife. Maryam however,kicked against more time saying, "Just recently, he alleged that the children stole his N100,000 and he invited the police to arrest, torture and detain them"

"He also threatened to arrest me because he said I conspired with the children to steal his money"

Maryam said she could no longer stay with a man who would call the police to arrest his children and wife. She told the court that the money was later found in the husband’s wardrobe, and urged the court to separate them.

"He usually insults me, calling me unprintable names and also claimed that the children we have are not his"

Following the objection raised by the wife, the presiding officer asked Audu what he wanted the court to do since his wife has insisted on divorce.

Audu said that he would want the Islamic procedure of divorce to be followed in the matter.

"I want `Khuli’ (dowry) from her,i want her to marry a young virgin girl for me to replace her".

"This is because she was a virgin when I married her,” Audu told the court.

After listening to their arguments, Presiding Officer, Malam Danladi Musa, granted Audu’s request for more time to settle the matter, and adjourned the case Oct. 14 for final settlement.(NAN)
Bolanle Akanji

Bolanle Akanji

Lol, I'm dead! Used spare part demanding for new product. Old fool.


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@ Bolanle Akanji , Dude just wants to refresh
naija questions

naija questions

@Bolanle Akanji - a bit harsh. Maybe he was a virgin when she met him
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