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Metro Identity Of Apostle Suleiman's Alleged Second Ex-Lover Unveiled [PHOTOS]



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PREMIUM TIMES has unveiled the identity of Queen Esther, a lady who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Apostle Johnson Suleiman around 2013.

Queen Esther according to the media house is actually Yahweh Yesha.

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The media is claiming that after the first story was published, the young lady contacted the newspaper to query why it would report that she had no evidence against Mr. Suleman. She requested that a follow-up story be published to reflect that she has evidence of their affair.

“I saw all that was written on the internet, although it is a true story, of which it’s the reality of what is going on now in my life,” Ms. Esther said on telephone on Monday.

“If my family were going about bringing out such stories, you should have at least waited before publishing it. Because this is going to attract all kinds of assault to me right now. And going to say that there’s no evidence….it’s just too much.”

Queen Esther also said that the first story published by the media house was shared by her cousin and uncle. She also threatened to sue the media house if her photos and details were published.

''I am a very busy lady. I have my image to protect as a servant of God. I can’t be embroiled in Johnson’s mess. He was wicked to me. I left the battle for Yahweh since then,” Queen Esther said.


See photos of Queen Esther [Yahweh Yesha] :

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