Business Jason Njoku, Founder Of iROKO, Shames Zenith Bank and Others Over Lack Of Support

In an article that has Nigerian business owners nodding at every word, Jason Njoku, the founder of iRoko, has slammed Nigerian banks as useless.


He chronicles his personal and business relationship with Zenith bank and details the complete lack of value they offered him and the business in a one sided relationship; they take huge deposits from iRoko and provide no support.

This is a scenario that is understood by the business community in Nigeria, unless you are Aliko Dangote. As one of the new 'rock star' entrepreneurs in Nigeria with well documented story of success, this article is embarrassing for Zenith bank in particular and all Nigerian banks in general.

In summary Jason's advise is that they should spend less on the gloss and more on building a two sided relationship that is beneficial to all.

Read: Are Nigerian banks useless? by Jason Njoku
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