Entertainment Jenifa's Diaries: Funke Akindele Part Ways With 'Toyo Baby'

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  1. Lequte

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    Olayode Juliana, widely known as 'Toyo Baby' has been cut out of Jenifa's Diaries according to Linda Ikeji's Blog.

    Reports say Juliana was cut from production after she had a disagreement with Funke Akindele-Bello.

    They've now gone their separate ways, LIB says.

    Furthermore, people who are familiar with the matter said it became slightly more obvious after Juliana was significantly absent at events/parties that held in Funke's mansion in Lekki, Lagos unlike her other former co-stars.

    It's unknown if they'll get back together eventually as filming has already begun for the latest season of Jenifa's Diaries.

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  2. Samguine

    Samguine Social Member Curators

    How will the series be without Toyo?

    @airstar, what do you have to say? :)
  3. I guess she'll just end her story in the movie
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  4. Babatunde idowu

    Babatunde idowu New Member

    Sure they will sort it out
  5. airstar

    airstar New Member

    They should sort whatever differences they have and continue the series. Everyone in the movie has his/her own unique acting skills which has made them relevant in the series. I doubt if there's anyone dat can fill her space except her character of the story ends. I still feel they should reconcile their differences especially for the roles the two has played in the series and for the sake of their fans.
  6. airstar

    airstar New Member

    @Oluogunjobi...Do you think the series will still be interesting as it was without Toyobaby's character?
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  7. Paul endure

    Paul endure New Member

    They sort things out and continue with their work
  8. Mercy Egemole

    Mercy Egemole New Member

    Sure it will continue
  9. usen bob

    usen bob New Member

    Miss you toyo
  10. vivianp123

    vivianp123 New Member

    Enemies at work
  11. vivianp123

    vivianp123 New Member

    Let them try and settle their differences amicably and move on with the show
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  12. Lequte

    Lequte Scientist Curators

    Which enemies o? Please enlighten us
  13. Prince Victor

    Prince Victor New Member

    Yes! She should continue the series.
  14. blessingdeclan

    blessingdeclan New Member

    Jenifa's diary became too tiresome for me to watch I think the season is becoming too much #justmyopinion
  15. Lequte

    Lequte Scientist Curators

    Ahan. They're only just on season 5 na. They can do more than that. We even have series that extend up to 12 seasons.

    I think Jenifa can reach 10 seasons, they only need to have a good story and fantastic acting.
  16. ese

    ese Administrator

    Lol, they are in currently shooting season 9 sir, while season 8 is showing:), but season 8 is kinda boring
  17. Lequte

    Lequte Scientist Curators

    Thanks. :)
    Feels like 5 seasons to me though. Has the series being on for more than 5-6 years?