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Metro TB Joshua Will Not Die, But He'll Suffer - Congolese Prophet


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Vanguard newspaper has a report about a Congolese prophet who goes by the name of Jean-Claude Kibondzi. He is one of the thousands of worshippers who long to see Prophet TB Joshua.

According to the man (whose way of speaking,Vanguard says, 'casts doubts over his sanity'), he is based in Sweden, but started visiting Nigeria in 2012 in an unsuccessful bid to see the Nigerian prophet.

He says he also is a 'prophet' and predicts that more buildings at the Synagogue Church of All Nations may collapse.


You said God revealed things to you. What were they?

T.B Joshua is a messiah. He is not a real human being. He is a special creator from God and it is only God that knows why he chose to use that body. There is likely no man of God who is spiritually endowed. It is only those who are filled with the spirit of God that can understand him and that is why demons tremble when they come close to him. Again, I want to say T.B Joshua is the fulfillment of the promise of God in Mathew 21 verse 42 to 44.

You said God revealed the building collapse to you. Which other revelation has God shown you that has come to pass?

God has shown me many Prophecies like the fall of the Catholic church and the fall of the Pope. I sent these prophecies via mail to SCOAN. I even call the church but nothing tangible has come out of it.

Why did you send it to SCOAN and not the catholic church?

Well, I sent it to SCOAN because I had contact with them and I told some Pastors in Sweden but they did not believe me. I told them about the missing Malaysian airplane but they never listened to me. My Challenge in Sweden is racism.

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Source: #Vanguard