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  1. stato

    World Longest non-stop flight set to depart – BBC News

    The battle to offer the world’s longest non-stop flight steps up a gear on Thursday, when a new Singapore-to-New York service takes off. Singapore Airlines is relaunching the service five years after it withdrew because it had become too expensive. It will cover more than … Read more via...
  2. stato

    World Somalia’s al-Shabab says it has killed British spy – BBC News

    Al-Shabab operates freely in many rural parts of southern Somalia The … Read more via BBC News – Get more World News
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    World Brain damaged boy, 6, awarded £37m in NHS compensation – BBC News

    A six-year-old boy who suffered a "catastrophic" brain injury after his birth in hospital has received £37m in compensation from the NHS. The child contracted the herpes simplex virus at.... Read more via BBC News – Get more World News
  4. Samguine

    Metro Man killed in hit-and-run crash in Coventry – BBC News

    A man has been killed in a hit-and-run crash in Coventry. It is thought the victim, believed to be in his 20s, was crossing Allesley Old Road in the Earlsdon … Read more via BBC News – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    World Victory for Trump in Supreme Court vote – BBC News

    The US Senate has voted to confirm President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, after weeks of rancorous debate. The Senate backed Brett Kavanaugh's nomination by 50 votes to 48..... Read more via BBC News – Get more World News
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    World EU expects Brexit deal by ‘end of year’ – BBC News

    Top EU officials have expressed optimism that a Brexit deal can be struck by the end of the year. Jean-Claude Juncker, the head of the European Commission, said the chance of the UK and the EU reaching a deal has....… Read more via BBC News – Get more World News
  7. Samguine

    Metro Monkey takes the wheel of Indian bus – BBC News

    An Indian bus driver has been suspended - for letting a monkey "drive" his bus. This is despite not one of the 30-or-so passengers on board the vehicle in southern Karnataka state complaining about their furry chauffeur..... Read more via BBC News – Get More Nigeria...
  8. E

    Entertainment ‘They just want you to be like Beyoncé’ – BBC News

    Ghanaian Afro pop star Wiyaala on forging her own path. Wiyaala Djimba is a Ghanaian Afro pop singer and song writer fast becoming an international icon.... via BBC News – Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
  9. Samguine

    Metro Baby in intensive care after alleged rape – BBC News

    A two-week-old baby is in intensive care at a Belfast hospital after an alleged rape. It is understood the baby is in the paediatric … Read more via BBC News – Get More Nigeria Metro News
  10. zacman

    General Health Cervical cancer: Australia ‘to be first to eliminate disease’ – BBC News – Health

    Cervical cancer is being successfully reduced by prevention schemes Australia will become the first country to effectively eliminate cervical cancer if vaccination and screening rates are maintained, researchers say. The disease could be eradicated as a public health issue nationally … Read...
  11. stato

    World Nobel Peace Prize for anti-rape activists – BBC News

    The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to campaigners against rape in warfare Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege. Ms Murad is an Iraqi Yazidi who was tortured and … Read more via BBC News – Get more World News
  12. zacman

    General Health Can my brain cure my back pain? – BBC News – Health

    People thought they were trying out a new painkiller – and in a way, they were… Could taking a placebo, a pill which contains nothing but ground rice, really help cure back pain? The placebo effect is well studied but at the same time something … Read more via BBC News – Health...
  13. zacman

    General Health Bacon and sausages ‘linked to breast cancer’ – BBC News

    Regularly eating foods like bacon and sausages may raise the risk of breast cancer, according to researchers. A review of studies found women who ate high levels of processed meat had a 9% increased risk of the cancer compared with those who ate little of … Read more via BBC News...
  14. zacman

    General Health Nobel prize for medicine goes to cancer therapy – BBC News – Health

    Two scientists who discovered how to fight cancer using the body’s immune system have won the 2018 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine. The work by James P Allison, from the US, and Tasuku Honjo, from Japan, has led to treatments for advanced, deadly … Read more via BBC News – Health...
  15. zacman

    General Health Vaginismus: ‘I felt I was broken’ – BBC News

    "You’re not always in control of what your body is doing. With or without your input." When Isley Lynn recalls her first sexual experience as a teenager she describes it as a non-starter. "I found it really heartbreaking. I felt like I was broken. … Read more via BBC News
  16. stato

    World Apple silent amid ‘chargegate’ complaints – BBC News

    Apple has remained silent amid complaints that its new iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones fail to charge consistently when plugged in. Several users have reported that their device refuses to... Read more via BBC News – Get more World News
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    World Ex-Miss Iraq ‘receives death threats’ – BBC News

    A former Miss Iraq says she has received death threats, days after another Iraqi model was shot dead. Shimaa Qassem voiced fears for her life in a live video broadcast online, saying she had received.... Read more via BBC News – Get more World News
  18. Samguine

    Metro Up to 50m Facebook accounts attacked – BBC News

    Facebook has said “almost 50 million” of its users were left exposed by a security flaw. The company said attackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in a feature known as “View As” to gain control of people’s accounts. The breach was discovered on Tuesday, Facebook said, and … Read more...
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    World Plane comes down in Micronesia lagoon – BBC News

    A passenger aircraft has come down in a lagoon off Chuuk International Airport in Micronesia after it missed the runway, airport officials say. The Air Niugini plane from Papua New Guinea was seen sitting in shallow water just off the coast.... Read more via BBC News –
  20. stato

    World Police chief stabbed to death in France – BBC News

    A police chief has been stabbed to death in the city of Rodez, in southern France, outside the city hall. Pascal Filoé was stabbed three times in the middle of the... Read more via BBC News – Get more World News