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    General Health Hit All Your Major Muscles With This 6-Move Kettlebell Workout –

    The kettlebell is a major multitasker, helping you to work on your cardio and strength while torching up to 20 calories a minute. Plus, the tool’s unique shape, which allows for unbalanced weight distribution and a constantly shifting center of gravity, will help you “recruit more of the...
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    Sexual Health What Does Demisexual Mean? –

    Ever take one look at someone and suddenly feel completely smitten—maybe it’s their eyes or smile, or just the adorable way their hair falls in front of their eyes? Or you find yourself physically close to another person, and … Read more via
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    General Health Drinking This Many Cups of Coffee a Day is Actually Dangerous –

    How many afternoons have you sluggishly moseyed over to the office coffee machine and wondered, Is this really my fourth cup of the day? Or wait, is it my fifth? We’ve all been there, but a new study shows refilling your cup too often could be hurting your health...... Read more via...