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    Sports Women will be allowed to enter football stadiums soon - Iranian officials assure FIFA - LIB

    Football’s governing body FIFA has been “assured” by Iran that they will lift its 40-year ban and allow women to attend a World Cup qualifying game next month. According to FIFA, the strict law against women breaches international soccer statutes prohibiting discrimination. FIFA President...
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    World Iran Football Fan Dies after Setting Herself on Fire – Thisdaylive

    An Iranian female football fan who set herself on fire a week ago has died. The woman set herself alight in Tehran after her trial, for attempting to enter a football stadium disguised as a man, was postponed. The authorities in Iran regularly stop women from entering stadiums. Her … Read...
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    Business Oil rises amid Iran’s new nuclear threats – Reuters

    Oil prices firmed on Monday amid tensions over Iran’s nuclear program but gains were tempered by concerns about global economic growth and consequently oil demand... Read more via Reuters – https://ift.tt/2L8NnCM Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    World New US sanctions on Iran target supreme leader – BBC News

    US President Donald Trump has said he is imposing hard-hitting new sanctions on Iran, including on the office of the country’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamene.... Read more via BBC News – https://bbc.in/2YdBYo8 Get more World News
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    World Iran’s Supreme Leader Rules Out Negotiations With U.S. – Leadership Newspaper

    Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ruled out any future negotiations with the U.S. on Thursday, during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.... Read more via Leadership Newspaper – http://bit.ly/2WAScpP Get more World News
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    Business Oil Prices Surge After Suspected Tanker Attack Near Iran – Leadership Newspaper

    Oil prices jumped as much as 4 per cent on Thursday after a suspected attack on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman near Iran and the Strait of Hormuz, through which a fifth of global oil consumption passes..... Read more via Leadership Newspaper – http://bit.ly/2ICgbQq Get more: Nigeria...
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    World Iran’s foreign minister tweets response to Trump’s threat to ‘end Iran’ – haaretz.com

    Iran’s foreign minister has criticized President Donald Trump for his overnight tweet threatening to the Islamic Republic with its "official end." Mohammad Javad Zarif posted his own message Monday on Twitter, saying Trump had been "goaded" into "genocidal taunts." Zarif wrote that Trump...
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    World Iran dismisses Trump’s ‘genocidal taunts’ – BBC News

    Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has dismissed US President Donald Trump’s "genocidal taunts" and warned him not to threaten the country. With tensions rising, Mr Trump tweeted on Sunday: "If … Read more via BBC News – https://bbc.in/2Elu0Bt Get more World News
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    World Iran says exercising restraint despite ‘unacceptable’ escalation of… – Reuters

    TOKYO (Reuters) – Iran is committed to its obligations under an international nuclear deal despite the U.S. withdrawal from the landmark agreement, its foreign minister said on Thursday, calling the reimposition of sanctions by Washington “unacceptable”. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad...
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    World Iran pulls out of ‘parts of nuclear deal’ – BBC News

    Iran has pulled out of key commitments under the 2015 international nuclear deal, a year after it was abandoned by the US. President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran would keep enriched uranium stocks in the country and not sell them abroad.... Read more via BBC News – https://bbc.in/3035DSl Get...
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    World Pay Attention to What the U.S. Is Doing to Iran – The Atlantic

    Iran is one of the most heavily sanctioned countries in the world. The United States will on Thursday go one severe step further toward strangling the country’s oil-dependent economy.... Read more via The Atlantic – http://bit.ly/2LhYB97 Get more World News
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    World Oil prices spike on Trump plans to end Iran oil sanctions waivers – Axios

    Oil prices rose sharply Monday to their highest levels since November as the White House confirmed it will end sanctions waivers for countries that still purchase Iranian oil... Read more via Axios – http://bit.ly/2DrKRCm Get more World News
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    World Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif resigns – P.M. News

    Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, stepped down on Monday, announcing his resignation on Instagram. “I am apologising to you for all the shortcomings … in the … Read more via P.M. News – https://ift.tt/2Su0Fc4 Get more World News
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    World More Than 700 Hurt In Iran Quake – Welcome To Ladun Liadi’s Blog

    More than 700 people were injured in a 6.4-magnitude earthquake that shook western Iran, ... Read more via Liadi’s Blog – https://ift.tt/2zpptM0 Get more World News
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    Metro Iranian Shi’ites Threaten To Overthrow Buhari Over ElZakzaky – Tori News

    Some Shi’ites in Iran have been caught on camera threatening to overthrow the Buhari government over El-Zakzaky.... Read more via Tori News – https://ift.tt/2yQWTm7 Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    World Iran sanctions: Rouhani defiant as US re-imposes measures – BBC News

    Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has vowed to "break" swingeing sanctions re-imposed by the US targeting core parts of the economy. The Trump administration is restoring all sanctions lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal in a bid to pressure Iran..... Read more via BBC News –...
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    World Iran will resist, defeat US sanctions, says Guards chief – Menafn

    The top commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, said on Sunday Iran would resist and defeat a US "psychological war" and sanctions against its vital oil sector..... Read more via Menafn – https://ift.tt/2zqAJa0 Get more World News
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    Metro Alcohol Poisoning: 27 People Dead, 15 Others In Critical Condition – Leadership Newspaper

    Twenty-seven people have died in Iran from alcohol poisoning, and a further 15 are in a critical condition, local media reported on Sunday. The national emergency services said they have taken 290 people to hospital in four Iranian provinces in recent days after they consumed tainted alcohol. …...
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    World Europe, China and Russia are making a special fund to get around US sanctions on Iran – Quartz News

    Donald Trump’s determination to withdraw from the Iran deal is pushing American allies away from … Read more via Quartz News – https://ift.tt/2OR15sm Get more World News
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    World Iran Blames ‘jihadist separatists’ For Deadly Parade Attack – Channels Television News

    Iran’s intelligence ministry said Tuesday that investigators had found last week’s deadly attack on ... Read more via Channels Television – https://ift.tt/2OPxZcN Get more World News