1. Samguine

    Stem Cells: Produce Your Own Meat Without Killing An Animal

    Engineered meat is taking on a new flavour as an entrepreneur aims to help people make animal-free meat at home, like brewing beer, by sharing cell cultures. Think of producing your own meat in your lab at home without slaughtering animals. With a few cells and a container, the process could be...
  2. Samguine

    7 Health Benefits Of Vegetarian Diets

    In our contemporary society, a very large chunk of common ailments such as obesity, diabetes, cancers and cardiovascular disorders can be linked to animal flesh and processed products. Little wonder such diseases are quite rare among vegetarian populations. Vegetarians are individuals who do not...
  3. RemmyAlex

    Metro Beware! Fattened Chicken Can Cause Food Poisoning, Infections – Experts

    As we eat and dine for Christmas, we should also be caution of our health as well as what we eat and take during this period. Here is a report on meat that has been fattened with hormones and genetically modified feeds. One of such meat is chicken. Nutritionists say that when it comes to...