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    Sexual Health Erectile Dysfunction Facts: How Common Is It? – KLKN

    The mood is set, the lights are low, you’re in bed with the person you love, and when the moment comesnothing. Erectile dysfunction happens to everyone now and then, and it gets more common the older you get. So why does it feel like you’re the only one who can’t perform?... Read more via...
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    General Health Sexual Health Awareness Month; What you need to know – FOX 17

    Women’s health covers a wide array of topics, including sexual health. September is Sexual Health Awareness Month, but what does sexual wellbeing mean?.......... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/32HDOj0
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    Sexual Health Yes, latex gloves can be part of a healthy relationship: busting the myths around sexual fetishism – The Conversation AU

    People with sexual fetishes aren’t dangerous; nor are their desires a sign of mental illness. Fetishism can be part of a healthy relationship ... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/2LqxHKa
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    Sexual Health PSA: Putting Toothpaste On Your D*ck Can Be Dangerous – AskMen

    We’ve all seen the kind of strange porn involving food — no, not food porn, but the other way around — which has permeated the internet since the earliest days of dial-up. Now, in a shocking new twist, … Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/31gSWDJ
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    Sexual Health How to Feel Really Good by Playing it Safe with Safer Sex Toys – The STD Project

    Humans are one of the few species on the planet who happily engage in sex for the sheer pleasure of it. While it may seem like luck was on our side when we drew the 24/7 mating.... Read more via The STD Project https://ift.tt/34DYl9K
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    General Health SuperModelMD: Does Vaginal Steaming Really Work? – BellaNaija

    I was recently at one of my favourite spas, and noticed they started offering a new treatment called restorative vaginal steaming. They described it as a rejuvenating therapy... Read more via BellaNaija https://ift.tt/2ZAIfhz
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    Sexual Health Looking to Beat Premature Ejaculation? Here’s How – AskMen

    Is your penis a little quick on the trigger, so to speak? Don’t freak — as many as one in three men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. It’s so normal, in fact, that the Mayo Clinic regards premature ejaculation as … Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2UiSlyN
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    General Health People Who Use Emojis Have More Sex and Go on More First Dates – menshealth.com

    Have a habit of getting heavy handed with the emoji keyboard? There’s no need to rein in your texting habits, because a new study has revealed that relentless … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/2NhSv7X
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    Sexual Health How to be single, minus the sexual frustration – Body and Soul

    The dating game can be tough — sometimes you’re on an endless cycle of bad dates and it feels like you want to give up and say “I’m over it, I’ll just be single forever”. While those stories of 100-year-old women who say their secret to longevity was swearing off men, you’re still fairly young...
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    General Health Frequent Sexual Activity May Help Heart Attack Patients Live Longer – Everyday Health

    Heart attack patients may fear that sexual intimacy could trigger another episode. A new study suggests, however, that sex may actually help keep the ticker ticking longer. .... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/2H2T1Tg
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    Sexual Health Lights Out: Why Are Men So Quick to Fall Asleep After Having Sex? – Verywell Health

    How often might you hear snoring in less than a few moments, after spending some intimate time with your male partner? This pattern is very common among men and is quite an area of complaint by their partners who may feel like they lose time to cuddle and bond … Read more via Verywell...
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    Sexual Health 5 unbelievable foods that secretly kill your sex drive – Pulse Nigeria

    Unknown to most people, there are some foods that can be said to be poisonous when it comes to matters of health. When it comes to food, everything we consume can either be of benefit or detriment to our health. ... Read more via Pulse Nigeria – Nigeria https://ift.tt/2MQ1fSx
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    Sexual Health The Erogenous Zone Guide: Here’s How to Find All 15 of Them (Yep, 15) – PureWow

    Getting turned on isn’t just about going below the belt. Found all over our bodies, erogenous zones are areas that have heightened sensitivity and, when stimulated, generate a sexual response of some sort. These “zones” differ in degrees of sensitivity, depending on the concentration of nerve...
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    Sexual Health Can you exercise and eat your way to a better sex drive? – Sydney Morning Herald

    For many perimenopausal or menopausal women, while the desire for sex remains, its form can shape-shift. “The pyrotechnics of youth may be gone, but I have learned that there’s no aphrodisiac like long love, like the feeling of knowing and being known, of belonging to... Read more via...
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    Sexual Health Active sex life tied to long-term survival after a heart attack – Reuters

    (Reuters Health) – Heart attack survivors who have an active sex life are less likely than celibate counterparts to die in the decades following a first heart attack, … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/2LRUpfz
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    Sexual Health Consensual sex can turn into rape – The Star Online

    PETALING JAYA: Sexual consent gained through deceitful means is tantamount to rape, and should be recognised as such, said women’s rights group Women’s … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/31dAAmE
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    Having ‘the talk’ won’t stop kids having sex, but it will make them safer – Stuff.co.nz

    Discussing the birds and bees won’t change when teenagers decide to have sex, but it will make their sexual practices safer, a review of clinical trials has shown … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/2SVpUpN
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    Sexual Health Dental Dams: Everything You Need to Know About Oral Sex Condoms – New Idea

    It’s 2019, and speaking openly about sexual health and desire isn’t as taboo as it used to be. And thanks to our willingness to talk about it, information on safe sex is more accessible than ever before.... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News https://ift.tt/2ODYLZM
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    General Health Porn Stars Explain Why Pube Maintenance Can Make You Look Bigger – AskMen

    While there might not be a wrong way to groom your pubic hair, there are certainly things you can do to help make things down there just look … Read more via AskMen https://ift.tt/2SSPT0Q
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    Sexual Health How to Feel Really Good by Playing it Safe with Safer Sex Toys – The STD Project

    Humans are one of the few species on the planet who happily engage in sex for the sheer pleasure of it. While it may seem like luck was on our side when we drew the 24/7 mating season straw, the freedom that comes with having sex whenever we feel like it is ... Read more via The STD Project...