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    General Health Please, Don’t Use a Vacuum Cleaner to End Your Period Early – Vice

    Periods are notoriously inconvenient. Cramps that leave you curled up in the foetal position, clutching a hot water bottle and popping those period-specific pain killers. Or, ruining the only nice bed sheets you have (see also: underwear), and of course, knowing you’re contributing to climate...
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    General Health Women share the dumbest things men have said to them about periods – Metro

    It’s easy for men to go most of their lives without having to think about female reproductive health. But if the bleak times we live in are anything to go by then it’s imperative they pay more attention to how the female body works. So one mum decided … Read more via Metro http://bit.ly/2QamHRS
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    General Health 4 Tips for (Almost) Pain-Free Periods – Healthline

    We’ve all been told (probably numerous times) that our worst period problems — cramps, PMS, super heavy flow, blood clots, migraines, teenage-like acne, bloating, and exhaustion — are completely normal. Yup, just part of this whole “being a woman” thing. Well, ladies, we’ve been lied to for a...