2016 Batch A Corpers: Important Things You Must Take To Orientation Camp

Before you go to camp, there are some basic things you need to have with you. This is because some of them, camp might be very frustrating or you might even not be allowed in camp at all. Go through the list below and check against what you have already packed.


1. Call Up Letter: This is your official passport to the NYSC scheme

2. Registration Documents: Foreign graduates should take along important registration documents used in registering at Abuja.

3. Final Year Student Identity card

4. Notification/Statement of Result from School

5. Passport photographs.Take as many as possible. They are quite expensive in camp

6. Photocopies of your documents. Photocopying is also expensive in camp.

7. Certificates and licenses for Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & Lab Scientists, take along your proof of certification.

8. Stationery, pen, gum, tipex etc. They save time and lots of unnecessary begging.

Tip: Some camps do seize staplers at the gate during check-in. So do not forget to include pins in your stapler if you are taking that along.


9. Round-necked white T-shirts,white shorts and white sneakers to complement what you would be given in camp.

10. Basic drugs like Panadol or paracetamol, medicine for your allergies, menstrual pain relief drug, nausea relief drugs, antibiotics e.t.c. You would not want to trust the camp clinic.

11. Waist Pouch.So very important. This is where you keep your stuff

12. Toiletries: Toilet Paper, Sanitary Pad, soap dish etc.

13. Towels, pair of slippers, bed sheets, pillow case etc

14. Plates, bowls and cups. These are important for eating.

15. Some form of entertainment: Novels – for those who get bored easily, please carry some. And for guys PSP or chess. also iPod your and MP3 players for audiophiles.

16 Cash. This is arguably the most important thing you would take to camp. Take as much as possible. Life is easier and sweeter in camp when you have money to spend.

Good luck!!!
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