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4 Reasons APC Should Pick Atiku Over Buhari

Who is your favorite candidate for the APC presidential ticket?

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So, we all know that the All Progressives Congress, APC has three contenders for its presidential ticket; Muhammadu Buhari , Atiku Abubakar and the others.

While many of you will like to take sides before hearing the arguments, i urge you to pause and read 4 reasons why Atiku should be the APC flagbearer instead of Buhari.


The presidential mortality rate in Africa is 15%. Since 2008, at least 9 African leaders have died in power. Age has been identified as a major factor in Africa’s high presidential mortality rate.

Nigeria cannot afford to have another dead sitting president, so soon after Late Umaru Yar’Adua (imagine the power tussle that will come into play). While Buhari’s supporters will like us to consider his 72 years on earth as an advantage, all I can think of is bed rest, visit with the grandkids and bedrest.

No doubt, at 68 Atiku stands less chances of dying in office.

Personal Life

Buhari is like a Pandora box. Most Nigerians know absolutely nothing about him; except what they read in history books. The former head of state has a knack for disappearing after every election, only to make an appearance when the next election is close.

Meanwhile, after his time as Vice President, Atiku has shown us different sides of him. Atiku has no problem living in public eyes, sharing his views on issues and interacting with people from different social classes. We all know he has 30 children and a good sense of humour.

Who would you prefer; an anonymous president or an open-book president?

Contribution to community

Atiku loves Nigeria and he shows it in his own little way. Since leaving office, the former VP has mentored several youths, doled out scholarships, empowered widows and created hundreds of jobs.

We only know Buhari loves Nigeria because he said so. The former head of state keeps hiding under his self-proclaimed “poverty “ to do no community work .

Proposed Policy

During Buhari’s declaration, he named 10 areas he’ll be focusing on if he get’s re-elected.

Read: Buhari's declaration speech

Weeks after his declaration, Buhari is yet to let us know how he intends to achieve his goals. All he keeps harping on is “I will fight corruption”.

You may not like Atiku but you most certainly have to commend his strategy. It wasn't enough that he gave a fine declaration speech, Atiku has gone ahead to present us with a draft of his policies.

Read: Atiku’s declaration Speech

Read: Atiku’s policy position

You've read the argument. Who would you rather support; Atiku or Buhari?

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