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In the world of the Internet, finding a suitable partner to date is no longer a hassle. It is also a great option for those individuals that are too shy to directly approach a prospective partner to ask them out on a date. Dating online has taken the dating scene by storm and there are numerous dating apps and websites to help one find a suitable date. This is increasing in popularity across the world with Nigeria being no exception to the trend.


However, there are certain dos and don’ts to follow when planning to start online dating.

Do your homework:
If you want to be successful in finding that dream date online you must do your homework. The sheer number of websites and dating apps is incredibly diverse and they can help you find a partner in your local area or even across the globe. The simplest way to begin your quest in finding your dream date is to like a user (at random) and begin to chat. While this may seem a cinch it definitely is as not as easy as it seems. You need to be able to strike a chord or a rapport with them, for which it is necessary read their profiles thoroughly.

Find common ground: As a norm women and men generally date someone who is close to or of their own age group. This is an advantage which you can capitalise on, as you and your prospective date would belong to a similar environment or period having grown up about the same time. That opens up a world of opportunity with numerous things to discuss. These include music, art, literature, TV shows etc. all of which were popular during your childhood as well as at present. You are bound to find something in common for sure!

You need to be spontaneous and innovative: Remember spontaneity and being yourself is the key to success! If you want to start a conversation do not begin with a plain ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ i.e. if you really want to elicit a response. The first impression can be the last impression, so you need to be creative and come up with a great opening sentence to set the ball rolling. It should address the person you want to date in a personal manner while being dignified in approach.

Mention local activities and events: If you are planning to date someone from your own area, whom you met online, make a mention of local events and activities that are scheduled to be held in your area. As they belong to the same area the likelihood of getting a positive response is far higher. You’ll could meet up at the planned event or celebration and get to know each other in person.

Make the most of media content: All of us tend to process information better when we see it in image form. To make you message more interesting you could add pictures or even a video to express your thoughts. Another great option is the use of emojis, though do not overuse them. While this will make your communication more interesting it should also be suited to their interests.

Do not hesitate to ask any queries: To make a conversation more interactive and have the other individual participate, you need to ask any questions that you might have. Of course, these should be relevant and not too personal (remember the both of you are just starting). It could be related to something mentioned in the profile for which you could ask a question or two. Showing interest in the other person makes them take notice.

Be sincere in your praise: As humans every one of us likes to receive a genuine compliment at some point or the other. If you notice something that you find attractive in the profile you can mention it and compliment them on that aspect. They are bound to like that as long as you do not overdo it and are sincere in your praise.
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