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General 7 Winning Tips For Slots Fruit Games

Want some winning tips for slots fruit games?

You’ve come to the right place.

This article will show you 7 of the best tips to beat the fruit machines.

While the majority of people think that slots are just pure luck, there are techniques you can use to improve your win rate and make more money.

Let’s jump right in.

1. Play Slot Fruit Games With The Highest Payouts
This may sound a bit obvious but a lot of beginners don’t pay attention to this crucial point.

To make the most money, you need to be playing the games that pay out more than all the others.

How do you do this?

Answer: using the Return To Player (RTP) percentage. This is the percentage of the money paid back to players based on how much has already been wagered.

You can search online for the RTP of slot machines. Alternatively, you can check the actual slot itself, where the RTP can be found in the help section.

Typical RTPs lie between 92% and 97%.

Therefore, if you can find an RTP slot of 95% and higher, your chances of winning are better compared to those with a lower RTP.

2. Look At The Volatility
This next winning tip for slots fruit games focuses on the concept of volatility. This term is also known as variance or level of risk.

Slots with low volatility win more frequently but the winnings themselves tend to be on the smaller side.

One the other hand, slots with high volatility win less frequently but the payouts are much bigger.

Therefore, you should choose the slot based on your play style.

If you don’t mind being patient, stick to less volatile slots. If you aren’t afraid of taking risks, go for the more volatile games.

How do you know the volatility of each game?

The easy way to find out is by playing.

As you play for long enough, you will get a sense for how it pays out. If you win often but small, it’s likely to be less volatile. If you win less often but you win bug, it’s likely to be more volatile.

Free spins are a great way to test for volatility without having to pay as much to play.

3. Don’t Play The Obvious Slots Fruit Games
Every casino, no matter if it’s online or in a land-based establishment, has the same aim: to make as much money from you as possible.

For this reason, they will do all they can to prevent you from winning.

As Lucian Marinescu, partner at OnlineCasinoGems, explains, “One tactic they like to use is to advertise certain slots. If it has its own banner or there’s an ad on every page to play it, chances are that the payouts are not as rewarding as other games in their library.”


Because popular games attract more players.

If popular games paid often, they will be paying out to players more often than they’d like.

So, the winning tip for slots here is to avoid these games and dig deeper into the library and look for less popular or under-promoted games.

For example, play those on the third or fourth page. Like searching on Google, no one really goes past the first page to find what they’re looking for.

4. Place Bigger Bets
This may sound a bit scary but it’s important.

When you’re playing jackpot slots, the size of your bet can impact how much you can win. There are machines out there that if you hit the jackpot, they won’t let you cash the winnings because you haven’t wagered enough.

Bet sizes impact how to win at slots. The payouts are directly proportional to how much you bet.

If you are only betting small figures, don’t expect to win big.

Therefore, always bet the maximum on progressive slots. While there’s more risk involved, when you do get lucky, you aren’t restricted to how much you can win.

But with this being said, it’s still important that you use a bankroll management strategy to ensure you don’t lose all your money straight away.

5. Trust Other Players
It’s crucial to win at slots by trusting what other players have to say.

If you have a poker background, this may seem strange to hear but it’s true.

Players will call out a slot with terrible payouts on review sites and social media so before you start playing, see what others have to say.

The last thing you need is to play and lose on a game that countless others are saying to avoid.

6. Stay Away From Branded Slots
Sure, branded slots are lots of fun. In fact, they are some of the best slots around.

After all, who wouldn’t want to play a game based around their favorite TV show or their favorite band?

It’s like they were tailor-made for us.

However, think back to what was said about popular slots earlier.

Branded slots have lower payouts because they attract a lot of players. They will also be heavily advertised as the casinos will want to make back the money from the brand they’re paying.

Sure, if you want to have fun, go right ahead and go for it.

But if you want to win at slots, stay away from branded games.

7. Use Free Spins
This final winning tips for slots fruit games is important so pay attention.

Free spins are a way to make money without spending money. They are also a great way to test games before you make a deposit.

If you have the opportunity to get free spins, take them.

Bear in mind though that free spins usually come with a bunch of wagering requirements. However, you can still use them to your advantage.

Some casinos have signing up bonuses where you can use free spins without having to deposit a penny. There are also casinos where you get free spins with no strings attached.

Therefore, do your research and see which casinos have the best sign up offers to avoid having to satisfy the wagering requirements.


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