Sponsored 8 Benefits of Signing Up for a PMP Course


Nowadays, many companies are giving high regards for people with a degree when hiring new employees. This includes project managers even though you can say that experience is more important than having a degree. So, if you want to be a project manager, you should first finish a project management course before hiring.


How Can Joining a PMP Certification Course Help You?

Project management is a highly competitive field. It is hard to get in as a newbie since there are others with many years of experiences applying for the job. But, if you have a degree and is certified, you may come across an employer that might hire you. Even you are already working in this field for a long time, and you should also get the certification at a recognized academy like PMP training in Dubai centre. It will act as a backup - in case you lose your job and need to apply for a job again, you can get yourself hired faster since there will also be others with experience hiring you.

Certified PMP earns around $20K more compared to those who are not certified. The average salary of a PMP is $91,500, but if you have PMP certification, you can get a salary of $110,000. This is only the average salary estimate. Some PMPs earn even more. As you can see, taking up a course and getting certified is a good investment and will return you a lot of profits.

Certification acts like a seal of confirmation that you truly know the field you are working in. While there, people from different backgrounds will come to talk to you giving a chance to practice communicating. Effective communication is the key that enables you to successfully complete group projects smoothly. This is why people look up to you if they see you hold a certification from a recognized academy institute.

Getting a PMP certification will increase your profile in the organization. It shows that you have a continuous learning attitude. The workers will perceive that you are someone who is serious and committed to the job. It will be an encouragement to other workers, and they will also want to take a course to get certified. Thus, they can serve the company better by producing higher work quality.

Taking a course will improve your knowledge in the field. It will open your eyes on things that you have not known in your working experience. When you return to the company, you can use the knowledge that you have learned to improve your job quality and help the company become more productive.

There are lots of times when the workers face an issue and they need someone to go to get the solution. Now, after you come back from the course, you can be a better tutor to them. If you can teach your workers to do things more efficiently, you will be able to deliver a good quality project. You can mention what you learn in the course and your working experience when guiding the workers.

Having a certification allows you to gain more trust from the clients. When clients see you are certified, they are happy to let you handle more projects. It enables you to get more business for the company. When the employer sees this, they will be more interested in raising your salary.

Often, a project did not complete at an ideal standard due to flaws in the planning and implementation processes. You learn better methods on how to plan and implement a project more efficiently in the course. There are also group assignments that allow you to apply hands-on learning on the latest methods of project management processes. With hands-on learning, you can remember better on the things that you have learned in the course.

Here is a quick overview of the 8 benefits of a project management certification course:
  1. Increase Your Chance of Getting Hired
  2. Earn a Higher Salary
  3. Get Recognition in the Field
  4. Increase Your Company Profile
  5. Improve Your Knowledge in PMP Field
  6. Be a Mentor to the Subordinates
  7. Increase Clients' Trust
  8. Learn the Latest Project Management Processes