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Metro Beyoncé cuts hair, Internet explodes.

Is the new look better than the old look?

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After more than a decade of throwing around her honey-coloured mane onstage, Beyoncé has suddenly ditched her trademark tresses for a sassy and short pixie cut.

The singer unveiled her new look on Instagram yesterday with a series of candid photographs that set the social media world ablaze.

Within minutes of Beyoncé’s Instagram posting, the pictures already had more than 15,000 likes. And as is the norm these days, the fan reaction on Twitter came fast and furious.

From @April_Davis: “The price of weave stock just dropped & beauty supply shops are about 2 go under because of Beyoncé’s hair cut.”

From @kirstyscarrott: “Beyoncé with long hair, short hair or even if she went bald, she would still look 100x better than us all.”

From Leon Clark (@MrFr35H): “waits for every black girl I know to cut their hair and dye it blonde to imitate Beyoncé.”

There was this less than kind comment from @TrentDopeAf: “Beyoncé is entirely too big to have short hair. She look like a bald horse.”

And this rather intriguing comment from @ReaganGomez: “Beyoncé cut that hair off & Twitter is going crazy. It’s really cut. But do you think it’s a short wig or she really chopped her hair off?”

In the photos, Beyoncé wears a T-shirt and choker and gazes at herself admiringly in the mirror with her chopped hair combed back and parted to the side. There’s also shots of her from the reverse angle as she feels the back of her head where her long hair used to be.

Beyoncé has been a big-hair advocate since breaking onto the music scene with Destiny’s Child in the early 1990s. She recently unveiled her own shorter natural hair after removing her weave. Her wig collection was once estimated to be worth in excess of $1-million (US).

Beyoncé’s shorter hairstyle should serve her well in her duties as a mom – she gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy last year – and as a performer. Her new look comes only two weeks after her hair became entangled in a fan during a concert performance in Montreal.
We'll miss it. :(
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Tope O

Tope O

Why are they all going crazy? She is a human being free to choose how she want to wear her hair.


Staff member
@ Tope shes a STAR
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