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#DettolCleanNaija Train Is Moving: Vote Now To Keep Abuja Clean

Having blazed its cleaning torch through Port Harcourt, Ibadan; and Kano the DettolCleanNaija team is once again set to touch down, in Nigeria’s seat of Power, and the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja!!

With a mission to go city by city to clean indoor surfaces with the New Dettol Multi-Surface Cleaner, the Dettol Clean Naija team is set to electrify the FCT with the effectiveness of Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner; a revolutionary surface cleaner which has an amazing 10 times better cleaning and germ-kill versus bleach and detergents with an all-day freshness.


So where in Abuja receives this cleaning? Is it going to be the National Hospital or the National Library? Only YOUR vote decides;

The time to VOTE is now!!!

To vote for the location you will like the Dettol team to clean within your city, Click Here
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