Enugu: Local Police Investigates Explosion at New Artisan Market

- New details about the explosion at New Artisan Market that happened on the 11th of September, 2017.

- The police team was sent immediately to investigate the situation and ensure that the area was secure and safe.

- The cause of the explosion is yet to be investigated.

As disclosed by the police command’s spokesman, SP Ebere Amaraizu, the reaction of the local police to the explosion that rocked the former New Artisan Market on September 11, 2017, was immediate. The explosion took place at about 8 pm. The public learned about the sad Enugu news on the next day from the officials.

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The investigation command arrived very quickly. The team of investigators mainly consisted of Explosive Ordinance Department (EOD) agents. Ebere Amaraizu informed the public that the area was combed in order to be sure that it was secure and safe for the people.

Fortunately, this Enugu news didn’t inform us about the loss of lives, this also was confirmed by the spokesman. The explosion caused only minor destruction in the closest food shop and two cars, which were parked near the mentioned shop.

The spokesman Ebere Amaraizu advised the locals and visitors of the state to stay calm and do not panic. The situation was under full control of the officials so that people could go about their usual businesses without any fear.

Next Enugu news you would like to know deals the arrest of cult group kingpins and two notorious kidnaps. The spokesman revealed the names of the arrested. Both suspects are from Umuasa Village in Ugbene Ajima community. Their names are Simon Enejere and Jonathan Okeagu. The police command had these people on their wanted list for a long time. Ebere Amaraizu informed The News Agency of Nigeria about this arrest on the 5th of September, 2017. The command’s spokesman also said that the police collected a tiger generator and two stolen motorcycles.

According to Ebere Amaraizu, this arrest was a part of the current fight with criminals in Nimbo and Adani axis of Uzo-Uwani local government area of the state.

The spokesman also informed that their main weapon to beat the criminal elements is intelligence information.