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Metro Good News: Ebola is Under Control in Nigeria, says Fashola


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In light of the recovery of four Ebola victims, the words of encouragement from the governor of Lagos state on Sunday have more weight.

In a state broadcast, the governor assured citizens that although the Ebola virus is “perhaps our biggest challenge to public health and the safety of human lives," Lagos state's health services had it under control.

His words, as transcribed by PM News Nigeria, were: “This address has become necessary to respond to a series of text messages, e-mails and telephone calls that I have received in order to reiterate some of what you may already know, to share information about what you may not know, and to keep everybody safe.

“This has become the moreso in the light of allegations that are making the rounds, either that victims are being neglected, or that a useful drug or vaccine is being rejected or that there is a shortage of funds.

“I wish to state very categorically that none of these is true. What is true is that we should perhaps never have been in this situation, but we are now in it. What is true is that the Ebola virus did not break out from within Nigeria, it was imported into Nigeria,” he explained.

“What is true is that we have followed all the contacts that we know who have had primary and secondary contacts with the patient who imported the virus into our state, or with people who had contact with him. Because we had to react to an unexpected situation, we had to react in a proper and methodical way, according to acceptable global health standards.”

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