Sponsored How does sports betting affect the game itself?

Due to the competitiveness of our modern sports, it is not uncommon to see millions of people make predictions on who is going to win a match. There has been many a gambler who lost it all or won it all through an extremely lucky guess before the game even began.

In fact, some games are able to rake in so much money due to the anticipation, that it affects the game itself. The effects are usually directed towards fair play and the effectiveness of a single team. It is not unheard of to see some betting operators to deliberately contact some football teams, offer quite a lot of money if they deliberately forfeit the game. Naturally, it is usually masked as the team under-performing, but in reality, it all comes down to the funds people want to accumulate.


How these operators gather data

There are many websites online that provide predictions, or just social media influencers who are able to gather a fan base’s expectations for a game. All of the data is then combined into one colossal document and analyzed by the financial advisors of a Sports Betting company.

Usually, these companies get contracts with websites which used to deliver accurate predictions in the past for the most popular games. For example, a website like MightyTips.com which has had a very clear prediction history are the ones that these companies target. Fortunately for the viewers, these offers are usually declined.

The offer usually ranges between cuts from the losses that gamblers will suffer. Most operators offer 1 or 2% of their profits to the website and a relatively smaller cut to Social Media Influencers.

However, the cut they offer to the team itself is sometimes very hard to decline. For example, it is not unheard of to see a large company offer 50% of its profits to a team willing to forfeit the game. The money gained through this fraud is often so much, that the company can easily afford it.


Where does this usually happen?

Fortunately for the average spectator, large Leagues are not targeted by these betting operators. As there is much more control over that segment of the sport. However, College level and entry level teams usually fall victim to these types of machinations.

Unfortunately, there is no real way of telling whether or not a game has been rigged, which is why it is such a large problem. Furthermore, there is no way to tell that the game has been rigged unless some data leaks or a brave player speaks up. You’d be surprised how much choreography goes into fabricating these games. Usually, it can be noticed when the team is overly defensive, but that is also a viable strategy for the game. Overall, it’s very hard to avoid this issue. The only way to do so is going for larger and more popular matches rather than newbies.
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