How To Build Your Child's Confidence As A Parent

Raising children has not always been an easy task. You have to be on your toes as parents so you won’t fail at the end. Children who were not raised properly and adequately when young usually turn out deficient when older. Raising a confident child is dependent on a lot of factors. Here are some listed below:

1. Do not be overprotective. Overprotectiveness makes your children to dependent and very vulnerable. Give your children enough space to explore.

2. Ensure that you monitor what happens in their school. A lot of children have lost their self-esteem due to bullies and abuses they suffer from school. Ask them questions, visit them in school so that you would not be kept in the dark

2. Give them something to do. Assign chores to them and make sure you lavish them with praise when they do it well. This helps them feel independent and the success stories gives them a positive mindset.

3. Don’t peak unnecessarily harshly to them. No one is perfect. No matter what they have done, do not use words that would kill their self-esteem.

4. Encourage the talents in them. Make sure you discover their hidden abilities and gifts and give them space to express such. It boosts their self-image.

5. You must ensure that when you scold your children, make it a point to criticize their behavior rather than them. For example, say ‘what you have done is bad’ rather than saying ‘you are a bad child’


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