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How To Get A Government Job In Nigeria



Government jobs are one of the most sought after jobs in the country. From the ministries, commissions, parastatals, military to research institutes. This is because government jobs provide some sort of security and abundant side benefits and allowances. See below four ways you can easily get government jobs in Nigeria

Catchment Areas: Catchment area is used mostly in state government jobs. When your state government advertises a job application, preference would be given to indigenes over no-indigenes. Many government job seekers don’t know these.

Lobby: Most people get government jobs through lobbying. This is popular among political parties. Men and women that were effective during run up to elections are usually rewarded with jobs after victory. However, this should not be encouraged since those that don’t have political links and are fully qualified are at a disadvantage.

Recommendation: One can get a government job by recommendation from an important person or personality. Getting a referral from your local chief, king or community head paves way for you.

Compensation: Government jobs can be got through compensation. The government can decide to offer jobs to a group of people due to what has happened to them. An example is the jobs that were given to families of the Immigration casualties or relatives of military personnel that lost their lives in action.

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1. You need to have the right qualifications. Make sure that you are qualified academically, professional among others.

2. You must have the relevant government experience. Most government jobs require you to have some sort of experience.

3. Have a basic knowledge of the job before applying

4. Check the terms and conditions

5. Do not lie on any of your biodata information

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Good luck!!!
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