Entertainment "I'm Flexible With My Bum" Didi Ekanem


Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem, who has one of the biggest bum in the entertainment industry, recently disclosed in an interview with Vanguard, how she feels about her big bum.

"All the concentration out there is on my bum not my talent. I would honestly wish people to see me as a talented actress not a sexy one."

"But my bum is not allowing people to see me deep down, to see the person and the talent," she said during the interview.

When she was asked how sexually active big bums ladies are, compared to the ones with big boobs, she responded:

"I will speak for myself, because I feel girls with big bums are usually very lazy in bed, but for me I’m very active, so, I’ll just speak for myself. I’m very flexible with my bum," she declared, according to the report.

Ekanem also disclosed she has played the role of a lesbian in a movie and performed impressively.
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