World Indian Student Forced To Remove Her Bra, Pants, Before Writing Exam



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For many years, the Education Boards in India have grappled with examination malpractice. To tackle the malpractice, often seen on a large scale across the country, these boards have of late issued strict dress codes, that unfairly put innocent students in trouble.

A girl in Kerala’s Kannur district reportedly had to take off her bra minutes before writing an important and potentially life-changing examination.

First, the 18-year-old struggled to find an open clothing store early on a Sunday morning as she had to change her black pants. Then, as she entered the exam centre, the metal hooks on her bra set off the metal detector.

“I told them that it was my bra-strap that had a metal hook on it, but they refused to let me in. They insisted that I remove it. Although I argued with them that the rules (do) not mention anything about innerwear, they refused to hear my pleas,” she told The News Minute. The girl eventually had to take her bra off and hand it over to her mother who was waiting outside.

“As I entered the exam hall to write the test, I had little confidence left in me,” she added.


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