Interview With The Head Of The «Gold Ocean Ltd.»

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    Dive deeper to reach the heights” - Hardy Joseph, Head of the “Gold Ocean Ltd.”

    GOLD OCEAN LTD is into dredging and mining of the oceans high grade Seafloor Massive Sulphide (“SMS”) systems on a commercial scale. During an interview with head of Gold Ocean Company Hardy Joseph, he was able to analyze the dreams and goal of the company during the interview.


    What is Gold Ocean all about and what do they do?

    - At GOLD OCEAN, we are developing a production system that is adapted from the offshore oil and gas industry technology to dredge and mine high grade Seafloor Massive Sulfide system on a commercial scale. It is a well-known fact that nearly three quarter of the earth’s surface is covered by water, and it was previously believed that this areas were unavailable for precious metal exploration until the advent of technology. These new technologies makes it possible for us to explore the seafloor for massive sulphide system, which is a potential source of high grade copper, gold, zinc and silver.

    How do you explore all these minerals?

    - We have partnered with the best companies in the industry to develop and prepare for successful deep-sea drilling. We are utilizing proven technologies that are majorly used by offshore oil and gas industries, dredging and onshore mining industries to enable our deep-sea floor exploration.

    What are some of the technologies you use in exploring these minerals?

    - We have 3 major component technology we use and I will try and describe each one of them as simple as possible:

    1. Seafloor Production Tools, also known as the SPT is majorly used for cutting of rock beneath the seafloor. At Gold Ocean, we use three SPT’s in our deep water exploration. The Auxiliary cutter (AC), Bulk Cutter (BC) and the Collecting Machine (CM). Each of these machines have their own special functions. The AC deals with rough terrain and creates benches for other machines to work on, which is while we call it the preparatory machine. The BC has a higher cutting capacity than the AC, while the CM will collect the cut material and push it through a flexible pipe to the Riser and Lifting System All of which were designed and built at Soil Machine Dynamic’s facility in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

    2. Riser and Lifting System (RALS). This device is specially designed to lift the mineralized material to the Production Support Vessel (PSV) using a Subsea Slurry Lift Pump (SSLP) and avertical riser system. The seawater/rock is then delivered into the SSPL at the base of the riser, where it is pumped to the surface via a gravity tensioned riser suspended from the PSV.

    3. Production Support Vessel (PSV). This work primarily to provide a stable platform for operation irrespective of the wind or wave condition.

    With the present problem of Sea level rising and other environmental form of degradation that the world is facing, is Gold Ocean Company not going to pose another treat to environment?

    - That is a really good question. At GOLD OCEAN, we are a very environmental friendly company that values the earth. We do all our possible best to prevent adding to the issue of global warming which the world is currently battling. Our company has been granted the Environmental Permit and Mining Lease that is required for the resource development of our premier project, which we called the Shark X located at the territorial waters of the Laptev Sea. As you know, for you to be granted the license, you must have passed every environmental and mining test.

    Is GOLD OCEAN interested in Public Investors?

    I was thinking you would never ask (smiling). Every company that is hoping to thrive and move forward is always opened for investment and Gold Ocean is not left out of the race. At Gold Ocean company, we presently have over 2, 100, 000 investors that have invested in our company.

    With this large amount of investors in the company, why do you think people are investing in the company and what would make people want to invest in the company?

    - Looking at our area of specialties and what we do, we are the first company to commercially explore the seafloor for SMS deposit. Then we trade in currency that are universally accepted. People are much more confident with dealing with online transfers that are safe and secure. We also have a plan that can work everybody. Our Plan involves a minimum deposit of $10 and day dividends of 0.54%. This are some of the things that attracts our investors.

    How can one join the company’s investment plan?

    Joining our investment plan is so easy, all that is needed is to visit our website and register using your email and phone number.
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