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President Muhammadu Buhari, today, nominated Prof. James Momoh for the position of Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), and his name forwarded to Senate for confirmation. Here are few things you should know about him.


1. James Momoh was born on the 26th November, 1950. A Nigerian-born professor, and also has base in the United States.

2. Momoh is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; and Director of Energy Services and Controls at Howard University, United States of America.

3. Prof. Momoh, a Life Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Fellow of the Nigeria Society of Engineers, has over three decades of teaching and research experience in power system, smart grid, optimisation and power communications.

4. He is a 1987 recipient of the National Science Foundation-US White House Presidential Young Investigator Award is a widely published scholar and has held several professional leadership positions in the academia.

5. Prof Momoh has a Doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Howard University; Master’s degrees in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania; and electrical engineering from Carnegie University. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1975 from Howard University.

6. Professor Momoh is a recipient of several academic and research award for his outstanding leadership and service to the engineering profession, technology transfer, and promotion of research and education.

7. He is the founder of the Energy Expert Systems Institute (EESI), a high school summer program that has brought over 30 Nigerian high school students to Howard University in the past 10 years and introduced them to Electrical Engineering. He has graduated over a dozen engineers and helped build bridges for collaboration through research and education between Nigeria and Africa countries as well as the US. He has graduated over 40 Nigerian students with Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Howard University.

8. Professor Momoh has served a technology transfer agent to Nigeria utilities and industries including National Electrical Power Authority (NEPA), Nigeria , where he actively promoted fundamental understanding, assessing the options and practices available for deregulation and privatization of the electric power industry.

9. Professor Momoh has contributed immensely to Nigeria intellectual development, and human and scholarly potential through his leadership as a Nigerian showcase in technology.