Entertainment KCee - Asa Cried When I Won Star Quest

Fifteen years after the Star Quest contest, Nigerian Singer KCee is still bragging about his victory.

In a chat with PUNCH, KCee said Asa cried after she lost to him.

"Can you think back to 2002 when I won Star Quest, it was a talent hunt, we wrote songs to win the contest. Asa was part of it. Nigga Raw, Klint The Drunk, The Natives, and a lot of young talents were there, we went through that and won. Asa was crying when she lost and her father was consoling her, I saw her. Nobody gave us a chance during the contest. I won Star Quest and I was signed under Kennis Music where I recorded about three albums with them; who was writing my songs then? I recorded hit songs. Now Harrysong is gone and I am due to release my album, who wrote the songs on my album for me? I need some credit. Because you bring in one or two inputs does not mean you should look down on anybody, it is wrong. We are all human and I deserve some credit. I have been in this industry for a while,” he said.


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Plus you, plus harrysong, plus nigga raw, plus klint da drunk, plus the natives, plus Star, plus the whole Nigerian Breweries, plus past, present and future winners of Star Quest, una no reach where Asa dey. :D :D