Entertainment Kim Kardashian 'Disrespects' Virgin Mary

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  1. Jules

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    Naked pictures no longer generate media buzz and so Kim Kardashian has decided to reinvent herself.

    There was mass outrage on Thursday after the reality TV Star appropriated an image of the Virgin Mary [Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ according to the Bible] . Kim Kardashian put her face as the virgin Mary on a candle. The image was animated so it blurs in a psychedelic fashion, in honor of 420 (April 20) - also known as Weed Day.

    See image :

    kim k mary.JPG


  2. Babatunde idowu

    Babatunde idowu New Member

    That stupidity of high order. Won't really go unpunished unless her intention for doing such was pure
  3. Jules

    Jules Social Member Curators

    who will punish her ?
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  4. Samguine

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    Calm down sir. It is just a picture on a candlestick.

    Religion is the greatest of all human problems
  5. ese

    ese Administrator

    nope, its not just a picture on a candle stick. If Kim wants to trend, she should just strip as usual, not sure why she needed all this. Ignorace at its finest.
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  6. Jules

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    Naked Kim can not trend again except maybe she decides to share a clear picture of her Vagina . Her nudes have lost their power. People want to see Kendall and Kylie naked not Kim
  7. Samguine

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    She has stripped finish abeg. Nothing left to see. Unless as someone suggested, she goes for an X-ray and let us see her insides :D

    As for the image, it is nothing but a picture. No one even knows how exactly Mrs Joseph Mary looked like. The outrage is pure sentiments..
  8. Samguine

    Samguine Social Member Curators

    Me too...especially the one in the Pepsi ad :D :D

    It's just a matter of time
  9. ese

    ese Administrator

    Oga, the image is inappropraite - these are values/beliefs of a group of people, it shouldnt be made mockery of, people get ... for this, she should use her brain and think of better PR strategies.
    • All this celebrities have no fear at all... Na God go help them
  10. Jules

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  11. aspire

    aspire New Member

    Of course they do. They know the kind not to mess with.
  12. Khaleesi Dragonfire

    Khaleesi Dragonfire New Member

    She can't get any more attention by stripping anymore so she had to
  13. friday ugochukwu

    friday ugochukwu New Member

    God will punish her