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Business Nigeria: 35 Electricity Turbines Shut Down During Buhari's 2 years Anniversary



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As President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration celebrate two years in office, about 2,514mw of electricity cannot be utilised due to 35 idle generation turbines across 15 Generation Companies (GenCos).

The causes of the unutilised electricity were traced to non-availability of gas to power, line constraints and high frequency caused by the loss of DisCos’ feeders.

The Nigerian System Operator (NSO) statistics showed that the grid was at 4,052mw on Monday when government commemorated the two years of the present administration.

However, the lowest generation for the previous day, being Sunday was at 3,483mw during the hours of low electricity utilisation.

Further statistics obtained from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) showed that 2,514mw was not utilised at the weekend because 35 turbines went out of operation across 15 power plants.

Analysis shows that nine power stations lost 1,932mw from 29 gas starved turbines. Five National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) plants lost 1,355mw from 11 idle turbines. Geregu NIPP lost 290mw as its two turbines were down; Olorunsogo NIPP lost 360mw due to three idle turbines, and Alaoji NIPP’s two turbines were down, losing 240mw.

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Two turbines in Omotosho NIPP did not work; losing 240mw while Ihovbor NIPP also lost two turbines that could have produced 225mw.

The other four plants affected by gas lost 577mw as 18 turbines were down. Egbin Power lost 305mw due to three non-performing turbines; Delta Power had 12 idle turbines and also lost 82mw; Omotosho Gas lost 152mw from four idle turbines, and Olorunsogo Gas lost 38mw as a turbine was down.

Another 347mw was lost to transmission line constraint in three power plants and three idle turbines. Afam VI’s turbine lost out 200mw, Ibom Power’s turbine lost 35mw, and Gbarain NIPP’s turbine lost 112mw. The loss of DisCos’ feeders was said to have triggered high frequency in the system network which affected three other plants and their three turbines as they lost 235mw. Shiroro hydropower lost 125mw, Jebba hydropower lost 90mw and Delta Power lost 20mw.

- DailyTrust