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Sports Olympics: Rio 2016 Mascot to be unveiled in November

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Ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympics, organisers have revealed that the games official mascot will be unveiled next month.

With the Games barely 18 months away, organisers are now finalising on the things that needs to be in place in order to stage the competition.

According to “Inside Games”, the mascot will help in the merchandise programme for the Olympics.

Sylmara Multini, licencing director of Rio 2016, whatever the mascot was, the Rio 2016 would make it come alive for the public.

“Our strategy is based around transforming the mascots into characters, which will live in the hearts of the fans.

“To become relevant with the young target audience, we will develop apps, games and other digital assets which will operate on tablets and smart phones.

“The mascot will also be included across the full range of licenced products and we expect it to be a very visible presence throughout the Games,” Multini said.