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Sponsored Pavel Belogour Answers Your Forex Scalping Questions


Jadesola Oshin
Paul Belogour is the founder of BMFN and Boston UniSoft Technologies, an experienced businessman and investor. When the number of your questions on Forex scalping reached the saturation limit, he was the first person on our mind to look for answers.


How Is Scalping Different From Other Trading Types?
Forex traders try to make most of every deal and can spend days looking for the trade that will result in maximum profit. Experienced investors can close 5 deals per month and make significant earnings. Scalpers turn these principles upside down. They make dozens of trades in a single session with minimal gains that amount to five or ten pips each. Instead of using week or month charts, scalpers rely on short-term price fluctuation graphs for 1-minute or 5-minute intervals.

Aside from the trading approach, scalping is not different from other methods. I would not be Pavel Belogour if I did not remind the aspiring scalpers of necessary precautions for risk management vital to protect investment capital from going up in smoke.

Can Anyone Profit from Scalping?
Considering the lightning speed of trades and the adrenaline rush of quick decisions, scalping is one of the most stressful types of trading. It is best suited for people who strive in high-stress conditions, can process vast amounts of data at a glance and possess a keen eye for the smallest changes in prices. I would not recommend scalping for people who enjoy the stability and low stress of long-term investments.

Let it be not said that Paul Belogour does not appreciate scalping. I urge all new traders to try their hand at different trading methods and find the one that suits their needs and wishes most. Do not jump into scalping just because it has become a trend. Do it for fun and profit.

How Much Can I Earn Through Scalping?
I know many newcomer traders that go through their accounts in a week and complain about the false advertising around Forex trading. They forget the rules of investment and dive head-first into live trading without practicing with demo accounts. Their scalping earnings amount to zero, and they lose their initial deposits.


If you follow scalping best practices, you can make a significant profit in a day. While scalping operates with minimum price changes, leverage allows high earnings even without substantial deposits. However, leverage is always a double-edged sword. If you make multiple wrong calls, leverage will make a dent in your deposit, and many brokers will close your account when your balance goes below the minimum limit. Instead of listening to expert promises, even if they are made by Pavel Belogour, open a demo account and give it a try. After a trial week, you will get an idea of how much money you can make or lose.

How to Find the Best Broker for Scalping?
First, make sure the broker allows scalping. Some brokers ban this type of trading and will try to convince you to give it up. Others embrace scalping but do not provide the execution guarantee. This means they will not always close the deals at a level you intend. This causes slippage and ultimate losses for you, as you can’t afford a couple of pips worth of difference in price. Because of unpredictable loses, your balance will go down, and the broker can shut down your account without prior notice. To avoid slippage and account closure, read the broker’s terms of service, and pay attention to the fine print. If you can’t get through the legal jargon, contact the support team and ask questions until you are sure your deposit will be safe and your deals will be executed at the intended level.

At Boston UniSoft Technologies (https://bostonunisoft.com), we developed dozens of financial websites and applications with trading dashboards to suit the needs of the most exacting users. If you have ever used our products, you know Pavel Belogour appreciates user-friendly and intuitive design. That’s what I promote within my businesses, and that’s what you should look for in a trading platform.

Your broker will probably have access to multiple trading platforms. Do not settle on the first one until you try all of them. Scalping requires quick decisions and actions, and software should provide you with easy access to “Buy” and “Sell” buttons. If during your demo account practice you can’t close the deal within a couple of seconds, look for another platform.

How and When Should I Scalp?
Scalping is all about speed and response time. The more volatility and chaos there is on the market, the bigger profit you can achieve. Therefore, the times of economic announcements and political changes are ripe for scalping.
Liquidity is another critical factor when dealing with five-pip price fluctuations. While retail Forex trading offers dozens of currency pairs, scalping only makes sense with the most liquid options, including:
You should also keep an eye on the market opening times for London, Sydney, Tokyo, and New York. The time windows of overlapping operation mean the highest currency volume and, therefore, increased liquidity perfect for scalping.

Use scalping insights by Mr. Belogour to decide whether scalping is the right trading type for you and follow his advice to select the best broker and choose high liquidity currency pairs for maximum profit.
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