Politics PDP Will Lose Anambra Gov Elections if They Don't Unite- Ben Nwankwo



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A lawmaker representing Anambra state in the House of Representatives Ben Nwankwo, has stated that the PDP may not win the upcoming governorship elections in the state.

He said this in an interview published by Premium Times. When asked about PDP's chances of winning the upcoming governorship elections in the state, he said: "It is a very simple thing. Failure and success are by choice and the two alternatives are before PDP.

"If they choose success, they must come together. If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand. If they (PDP) want to fail, they will be divided as they are and if they remain divided, they have chosen to fail.

"If they decide to come together and stay under one umbrella which is their logo then they become a united front. So, they should mobilize the people and bring them together and tell them ‘you will do our bidding, not that of any individual. Anything other than that, I see very thick clouds.


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