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Business Rampant Electricity Theft Worries Ibadan DisCo



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The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company in a statement has expressed worries over the rate at which some customers under its network "steal" electricity and do not pay for the utility afterwards, the Punch says.

Speaking at a customer forum in Abeokuta, the IBEDC Managing Director, Mr. Fortunato Leynes, said, “Our transformer cables and feeder pillars, oil and other line materials suffer untold thefts and damage. The aftermath of these are blackouts, which throw communities and neighbourhood into darkness, which also affect IBEDC in terms of huge losses in revenue.”

Lyenes said meters were also being tampered with, coupled with diversion of wires from the meters and running of the same through the ceilings, thereby bypassing electric meters. “These acts are offences and are punishable by law. We also know that there are several rampant direct connections, which make people to enjoy electricity without paying a single kobo,” he explained.

“A case in point is the Ona-Ara community in Ibadan where our two 15MVA transformers were burned down by irate youths during the national fuel hike protests in 2012. This had cost the company over N150 million to rehabilitate,” he said.

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