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Speaker Tambuwal Defects To APC - Can PDP Unseat Him?


Temitope Akinola
Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal has finally defected to APC as predicted.

There'll definitely be reactions from the PDP upon whose platform he rose to the leadership of the House. The next thing on PDP's table would probably be how to take steps to unseat Tambuwal.

But how easy will it be for PDP to unseat Tambuwal, considering the population of APC legislators in the House?

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Constitutionally, i don't think the PDP can do anything about Tambuwal defection. The constitutions demands a quorum if a speaker must be impeached and if a new one must be elected; i'm not sure the PDP has that.

The PDP will have to wait for a court to remove Tambuwal from the way i see it. But then, what good will it do them?; by December, all things working out as planned Tambuwal will be in Sokoto campaigning to be governor.