Politics Timeline of President Buhari's Unhealthy Start to 2017



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Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari in his first hundred days in office was quite energetic for someone of his age. The president was vibrant- he traveled to many places seeking business for Nigeria and strengthening the anti corruption war according to the presidency.

However, in the past 100 days the President has only traveled a few times out of the country to one lace- the United Kingdom to get medical help.

Here's a timeline of the president's start to the year 2017.

19 January - Leaves for UK on "medical vacation"

5 February - Informs national assembly of extension of medical leave

10 March - Returns to Nigeria but doesn't resume work immediately

26 April - Misses second cabinet meeting. Starts "working from home", according to Information Minister Lai Mohammed.

28 April - Misses Friday prayers

3 May - Misses third cabinet meeting in a row

5 May - Appears at Friday prayers in Abuja

7 May - Travels to UK for further treatment


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