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Metro What I Found In The Luggage Of A Ghost Passenger - Taxi Driver

Discussion in 'Metro News' started by Oluogunjobi, Mar 20, 2017. Views count: 14865

  1. Oluogunjobi

    Oluogunjobi Social Member Curators

    Isaac Agiyiri, a Ghananian taxi driver, with experience of up to 15 years, has recounted how a ghost passenger vanished from his car. He explained that he was driving the passenger to his desired destination and was shocked to discover that the passenger had suddenly vanished from the back seat of the car.

    He explained that he had to pull over at a bus stop, opened the back door, and checked the passenger's 'many goods', and saw 'prickets' and 'cataracts'.



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  2. Azeez Taiwo

    Azeez Taiwo New Member

    Ki lo sele gaangan, ghost nur dey teleport again?? This reporter sef gaan he too dey ask dump question! Still dey ask wetin d man wan use anointing oil do. Mtcheew he wan use am fry plantain ni
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