Politics What We Do to Monies Recovered by EFCC, Others- Finance Minister Adeosun



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Nigeria's Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun has stated that the Muhammadu Buhari administration has a system that prevents the re-looting of money recovered from treasury looters.

Speaking at a press conference on the World Bank, IMF meetings in Washington, she said:

“We have a recovery account. All the recovered funds go into the recovery account.

“What we are trying to do is to make sure that there is real control, that was why we created a central recovery account. What we also discovered is that so many agencies are recovering and we must keep an eye on those recoveries, otherwise there is the risk of re-looting.

“So, all the agencies that have recovered funds send us their returns monthly and then we sweep it into a central account which is kept by the Accountant General, so that they can be reconciled.

“Some of the cash that is recovered, we have to make sure it goes into the bank. You’d be surprised; some agencies will recover cash, and they think it is evidence, and we are saying no, its money, put it in the bank.

“This is something that is new and I think it is a good thing. As we recover more, we get better at it. It is a new thing in Nigeria.”


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New Member
That is a very good way of securing the recovered money.
And I can see a lot of unreasonable comments here.
Where were you when the money were looted? do you know such money were looted?
But now that this administration showed you, helped you know the truth, widened your awareness on that side, you are calling them looters? For God's sake why are some of us doltish, inarticulate, dimwitted or feeble minded if I must.