things to know about poop

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    General Health 12 Ways To Make Yourself Poop ASAP, According To Gut Health Experts – mindbodygreen

    We’ve all been there: After a busy week at work, or lots of time spent traveling, or just a string of eating way too much takeout or processed food, things can get a little (or a lot) backed up. "If you are having a bowel movement every other day or … Read more via mindbodygreen...
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    General Health 7 things you should know about poop – Medical News Today

    Although it is not necessarily the most pleasant of topics, we must, at least, respect its ubiquity: poop is everywhere. In this Spotlight, we bring you some fascinating stool-based knowledge. Poop is complex, surprising, and disgusts us. Feces unites the entire animal kingdom. It is something...