Politics (2019 Election) List Of Essentials Items Needed At The Polling Unit

It is that time of the year where we all have to exercise our voting rights. Ahead of the 2019 elections which ought to begin on the 16th of February 2019, Nigerian Bulletin brings you the list of essentials items to make the voting process conducive for you.

The first must-have item is PVC. It is pertinent you double check your snapback or wallet to be sure you have taken your PVC. Asides the PVC, you are to also go with another IDcard. Getting a face cap and sunshade is essential - this is to protect your face and head from the scorching sun due to the weather, you can also decide to go with an umbrella.

Also, ensure to eat breakfast before leaving your house and extra money for miscellaneous wouldn't be a terrible idea.
Other items you might need for the elections are:
  1. water bottle,
  2. iPod,
  3. earphones,
  4. power bank
  5. comforatble shoes