5 Traits Nigerian Men Search For In A Wife



Marriage and just being in a relationship are poles apart. Since they are so very different, it is only natural that different yardsticks are used in measuring the traits in a prospective life partner. Naija men have their head on their shoulders, when it comes to deciding whom they would pick as a future partner. While a woman may be attractive, it is not essential that she would make a good spouse necessarily. Like all other men, Naija guys are well aware of the women they just want to have a good time with, and those they seriously want to marry. No matter if they met on black dating website or offline. Any woman who is wise will not be manipulated by a guy and have her own moral code and ethics, which she will adhere to strongly. Some of the traits that Nigerian men look for in prospective partners are as follows:


Homely: The number one quality that makes a woman a great life partner. Naija men look for a partner who is homely and will take good care of their home and family. They want a woman they can depend on to manage the home well in their absence. They like women who are family-oriented and feel that they make the perfect partners. Even if she is working, they expect her to devote her due share of time to the home and the family.

Strong morality: Having a strong moral compass makes a woman that much more desirable. And nobody appreciates this feature more than Naija men. At heart most of them are old fashioned and traditional in their views. While they may have their share of fun before they settle down to marriage, when it comes to choosing a life partner they are very discerning. They like and admire women who will not succumb to their charm and maintain a strong moral character.

Sincerity: One of the most essential qualities in a good life partner is sincerity and being genuine. When a Naija man finds such a woman he is totally floored by her. In a world that is dominated by materialism it is refreshing to find women who are true and genuine, and not affected in the slightest way by the trappings of wealth and success. After all every man aspires for a life partner, who will be by their side both during the good and the bad times. They feel confident that such a woman will never cheat on them.

Women who are intelligent:
C’mon who wants to be married to someone dumb! Like all other men Naija men also appreciate women who are smart and intelligent, so that they could match up to their partners. Only those men are intimidated by intelligent women who themselves are not that smart. While men like to be in control, any smart Naija man prefers having an intelligent life partner.

Women who play hard to get
: Yes, you read it right! They do not appreciate women who are swayed easily to passion and courting tricks. They like a woman who is strong and independent with aspirations and goals that match theirs. Men find such women very appealing as future partners.